Still here? When and Where?

They call it the “Age of Covid”.

Frankly, I’m pretty sick of it. So, I’ve decided to cast caution and prudence to the wind and just let fly with whatever crosses my mind.

By the way, welcome to my little corner of space and thought.

Feel free to poke around, I would put up one of those ‘Under Construction’ things, but some expert said they are tacky, so whatever.


I doubt it would be proper to claim (as I once did) that we are at the cusp of a new age. I am no longer so presumptuous and, due to recent experience, am reluctant to even say anything about time, space, or person.

Instead, this is a place of distraction and detachment; a sand-box for mental decompression and emotional escape; a resort of freedom from everything 2020 (thank goodness it’s gone, right?) and much of whatever is 2020’ish.

At the outset, I am intentionally going against the grain and NOT following accepted SEO, web optimization, and any other hocus-pocus stuff the experts command be done. Instead, I am just going to invite a few special friends (there’s a list taped to my monitor). After a few weeks or months, I will reassess everything, and proceed appropriately — maybe.

So, this is a little experiment, a vent, a release, a short escape from everything. In other words, ‘fun.’

Take some time, think about what you enjoy and are interested in. Then consider whether you have a message to share, a subject to teach, or a cause to carry forward. I invite you to bookmark this page and visit again and often. We will be tracking this wonderful journey. Why not leave your contact information and your thoughts with us so we can move ahead together. (This paragraph was left over from an earlier version — how stuffy, but it says what I feel)

In it’s several dozen prior incarnations, was more strident, more philosophical, daresay more spiritual. That focus has proven to be absolutely pointless. Not to say mature, spiritual, socially responsible, and spiritual are not worthy attributes. They most certainly are — just not for me. Suffice it to say, my calling is not to preach, sing, or dance (apologies to Jerry B. Jenkins). I do well to scribble a few words on a page, or mumble a thought or two in an appropriate forum where it may benefit someone in need.


pen and paper
Writing about ideas, things and people

Moderns may take writing for granted; ………………………………….

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family photo
Happy people 

People face many challenges.

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Learning … What do we need to learn? How shall we learn it?


Knowledge has become precious and even dangerous.

Today, we must deal with conflicts and troubles that our ancestors could not have imagined. Countless opponents, some with amazing power, often confront modern thinkers. Persons of all stripes face evil and challenges unthinkable just a few years ago.

Perhaps the most dangerous enemy we face is apathy. Our modern culture has so much to offer, so many attractions, that the wiles of the world can be overwhelming.




sun behind cloudsTime to join hands, hearts, and hope. Time to look forward and upward.

These are difficult times for millions

What your belief, or lack of belief, please join hands with our neighbors and fellow human beings, to help them through these difficult times.

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Where to turn, what to do?

Every person has the right to be excited, joyful, and awestruck by the opportunity they should enjoy.. No matter where we are, who we are with, or what we might be doing,

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