A great time to be back to blogging

After a sabbatical of seven months, it is wonderful to be back to Christian Authoring. During our absence, much has happened. Several friends have passed on to be with the Lord. Other friendships have developed. And, sadly, we have discovered that some people we considered friends over the decades no longer seem such.

Regardless, whether good or bad, those seven months are passed and their contents are what they are, and that’s that.

Before going a step further, one new friendship of special note has come along. We have united (more like reunited) with a sweet, loving, and dynamic congregation; one led by a loving and dynamic pastor.


Great time for blogging

We are at the cusp of a new age. During the next short while, blogging and the blogger will take great strides into new and challenging territory.

This will be a magnificent opprtunity for growth, experimentation and plain old fun.

Take some time, think about what you enjoy and are interested in. Then consider whether you have a message to share, a subject to teach, or a cause to carry forward.

I invite you to bookmark this page and visit again and often. We will be tracking this wonderful journey. Why not leave your contact information and your thoughts with us so we can move ahead together.

cross before blue sky

Our Faith, Real Faith is Growing

Faith, through the Holy Spirit has taken root.

This is Real Faith’s message.

During the the few weeks if its existence, this website and blog have sparked to life and are now  reaching people around the world. Thanks be to God.

We have been blessed to have been seen in numerous nations around the globe. It is with prayers for all who have seen these pages, that we thank you and ask your continued company as we move forward.

The theme of Real Faith is simple: personal care and love in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, to all; simple, unadorned, honest, messages of faith aimed to uplift our brothers and sisters. No judging, no fussing, no nonsense. We believe there are no bad questions and pray that we share the best answers to all.

Focused on Christians seeking strength as well as writers and bloggers who share that interests, we continue a commitment to offer encouragement, advice, news, and the honest truth to all.

In addition to this portal, we are preparing an e-mail service for those interested in keeping up to date on our work. Also, you are invited to share your thougths, questions, and ideas with us via the Contact us page here.

We would like to mention some of our values and standards as we do this work. First, we believe in sincere and candid sharing of God’s message of salvation. To us, there is no greater gift that to be eternally saved by God’s grace through Jesus Christ. In doing so, we want to present a positive message, without offense to any.

In our hearts, we believe that God’s message is founded on love and peace. We do not feel called to attack, challenge, or do battle against any person or group. We read in scripture that Jesus strongest rebukes were to the religious officials of His time. He spoke gently and kindly to the troubled and lost people of his generation. At the time of his crucification, his prayer was for forgiveness to those who had placed him on the cross.

This message of hope, grace and care is our guide here. We see suffering, pain, and misery in countless people in the world. It is to them we send our prayers and this message.

You will not find a hyper-theological focus here. The Bible is the Word of God; but unless it is read, studied, and understood, its message will not be of use. Many excellent writers and teachers are at work sharing that message. We praise their work and will share it here from time to time.

Our message is  drawn from simple, well-known, Bible passages: the Samaritan, who helped the injured stranger whose own people had chosen to ignore; the woman caught in sin, who was told by Jesus, to go her way and sin no more; and the thief on the cross, who had been condemned to the ultimate punishment by the authorities of his day, but who Jesus promised to join in paradise.

Each of these are reflected in countless individuals today: the suffering servant, the person snared in sin, and the person condemned by sin. Jesus spoke of and to them; with care, love, and promise. Too few in today’s times share that message. We hope to do a part to keep it alive.

While many are called to work in other of God’s fields, we have been placed here.

We do not judge their work as we do not know what is  in their hearts or how they have been led. Thus, we leave them to their work. We believe that all who work in the name of God shall be accountable for themselves and no others.

Wishing you God’s Blessings and Peace, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.



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pen and paper

Writing on the faith of Christians

Moderns may take writing for granted; but we know faith for Christians reveals  a deeper meaning. What many are missing is that writing is one of the great accomplishments of humanity. Dedicated believers thrive with studies in the Word. We are blessed to have growing libraries of New Testament resources. Knowledge is gained from time with the Word. This along with other blessings strengthen and guide believers.

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Christians Work

God’s people face many challenges. Fortunately, they have a wonderful ally in Jesus. A strong personal relationship with our Lord is the most amazing experience a person can have; these give power to faith for Christians.

The experience of salvation transforms people and their lives. Old things are passed away and wonderful, beautiful blessings take their place.

Fellowship among believers heals ancient wounds and builds bridges between individuals and nations. God’s people come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and languages, and every other distinction which so often divides people. Our faith carries promises of eternal dimensions, blessings unimaginable, and opportunities beyond belief.


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law books on shelf
Law Library

Salvation, God’s wonderful gift

The gospels begin the New Testament account of Jesus’ work during his earthly ministry. From the beginning, challenges and obstacles have been thrown up to hinder Him.

However, despite constant challenges over two millennia, God’s Word and God’s people have persisted. People have changed, nations have come and gone; but, the Kingdon of God remains steadfast. Critics, deceivers, and usurpers have come, had their say, and vanished into the dustbins of history. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are still with us.

Believers stumble and stray

As the years have passed, Christians have encountered distress and division. Today, perhaps more than anytime in history, God’s followers must deal with conflicts and troubles that our ancestors could not have imagined. Countless opponents, some with amazing power, constantly confront modern Christians. Modern believers face all the evil and sin of those in biblical times. In addition, a host of new enemies are roaming the earth in search of hapless victims.

Perhaps the most dangerous modern enemy of the faith is apathy. Our modern culture has so much to offer, so many attractions, that the wiles of the world can be overwhelming.

Faithful fellowship and friends

In spite of these challenges, the faith is still strong. God’s people are increasingly aware of the duty to care for one another and serve to care for and protect their sisters and brothers. The tradition of the Samaritan remains strong and Christians are typically among the first to respond to a disaster or tragedy. These modern saints leave home and work behind to go into often perilous places in order to bring relief to those suffering.

sun behind clouds

Time to join hands, hearts, and hope.

It has been a tragic season as Hurricanes Florence and Michael have ravaged the southeastern areas of the U.S. Recovery efforts from these storms will continue for the foreseeable future, and probably years for some.

These will be difficult times for thousands of families, Christian and others. We are taught to render aid, comfort, and prayers to all those suffering and touched by these massive tragic events. As Christians, we have a duty drawn from our faith. As humans, we have a moral obligation to care.

What your belief, or lack of belief, please join hands with our neighbors and fellow human beings, to help them through these difficult times.

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Praying Hands Photo

Speaking to God

Prayer provides believers a direct link with Jesus Christ. Every Christian has a right to be excited, joyful, and awestruck by the opportunity to pray. No matter where we are, who we are with, or what we might be doing, God’s children have a constant line of communication with the Almighty.

Whether it is a word of praise, thanksgiving or a solemn request of the Lord, prayer is a fascinating and powerful device God has given us as a blessing. We should consistently strive for a better and stronger prayer life. The rewards are real and beyond mortal imagination.

Unceasing prayer is the pinnacle of the Christian experience and should be the practice of every believer.

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