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An  author’s passion for Christians

“Observe, record, then share.” You may call it a philosophy; Christians may call it common sense; here it’s called writing.

The old adage instructs, ‘write what you know.’ Not many people seem to follow that instruction these days. Few are interested in observing; even less care about recording what they see; and a handful care to share. As we rush headlong into a new century, some, nay many, things are missed or are lost forever.

This is the era of the disposable. Not many things are kept for long; even fewer would be thought of as treasure. The sad truth is when everything can be thrown away; eventually, we will have nothing.

When I turn to write, I aim to preserve the valuable things — good or bad — significant to all of us. I like to consider the universe; with its fundamental faith and belief. Such qualities may be battered and bruised in the rush to an empty future. Even then it is enriching to see the benign simple things; ones that are also often forgotten.

This is an age when so many are fettered by the shackles. In such times, it is wise to seek a small circle of like-minded people. When a number share a goal; it becomes easier to preserve the core Christian beliefs and values. Such is still a struggle with the countless burdens piled against the exercise of faith. But the effort is most valuable in our time; a time when we strive to preserve important ideas which made our ancestors, in their time, the most blessed people ever.

My Story

In one fashion or another, I have been a professional writer for almost a half-century. During this time I have been blessed to be around Christians.  Beginning in middle school where I was honored to be named editor of the student newspaper. After getting myself oriented in college, I started the study of Journalism.

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My early career involved times at newspapers, radio, and television, Later in professional legal drafting, I encountered a different world of writing. Over the years I have been able to gain experience with a broad swath of electronic media. Now I am making a return to print (albeit an entirely different kind) thanks to the exponential growth of our technology.

This page is part of a larger venture into faith-based and oriented writing for and about Christians. I invite you to share the experience of this fascinating endeavor. Feel free to join me here often to see what is going on. I hope to reveal some fascinating plans for the not too distant future.

Although this effort is in its early stages, I have been blessed to have help, advice and guidance from countless people, most of whom I have never had the honor of meeting face to face. As time goes forward, and with their permission, I hope to recognize them and their efforts on my behalf.

Experts say that the average American knows something around 600 people. Within a couple weeks of beginning jesloneauthor in earnest, we had views by several thousand people. Certainly, there were repeats, and probably a lot of ‘bounces’. But at this rate, we are accumulating a healthy circle of contacts, who feel like friends.

Take advantage of what we offer and, by all means, your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and even complaints are welcomed. Always feel free to speak your mind and stay in contact with us.

May the blessings of the Almighty be with you.


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