Faith in Blogging

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Words are great. Words built into verses, chapters and books make up the foundation of the Christian faith. A major part of our faith is based on the stories of Jesus written in the Bible. In spite of our major technical achievements, we still turn to the written word to share the good news of what we believe. This is the age of the blogger.
Today’s messages are likely to be carried as posts in blogs.

Those of us engaged in this means of communication slip with ease from the sender to the recipient and back again. One minute, we can be conveying information to those who seek it; the next, we can become the seeker looking for mentoring guidance from someone else.

Blog requires new skills

As the months have passed, the thrust of this website has narrowed, then broadened as the audience has started to gel. While our focus on sharing God’s blessings with those thirsting for it; we have found an audience among fellow blog writers who are led to spread the message as well.

Our time here has revealed new friends and benefactors. As we go forward, we will recognize these folks for their help and guidance. We will begin today with an example of such a kind person.

But first, we must recognize a bit of reality: In the modern world, nobody knows everything about anything. There is just too much knowledge. While one may be a mental giant on one subject, the same person can stumble in embarrassment if thrust into an unfamiliar arena. I offer myself as an example. In spite of decades of work in the IT industry as a programmer, consultant, and support person, the coming of this website and sister projects has many times, absolutely, humbled me.

At many times during this experience, I have turned to Google for rescue and have frequently found my way to the homepage of Janice Wald’s Mostly Blogging site. If you are starting out on your own blogging or website adventure, you can Click Here to find it; and I recommend bookmarking it because I am pretty sure you will be back.

While she has books for sale, you can get a treasure trove for free. There is a newsletter, numerous educational articles, advice on groups and a load of other goodies.

Gratitude for the help

Do note, while I am working on some affiliate advertising for this site, I have no financial interests to be served by this post; instead, I am just like you, new to the blogging universe and frequently in need of help. I was searching for some guidance on the subject of SEO’s and found my way back to Mostly Blogging for about the third time in the past few days.

I am a strong believer in the notion of “paying things forward”. Her site helped me and (I can see) will continue to be a source of support and education. Right now, she has an excellent article about how to help another blogger. Since that is one of the prongs of our raisons d’être I felt obliged to mention it here.

2 thoughts on “Faith in Blogging”

  1. Jim,
    Thank you so very much for this shoutout and being so thoughtful as to recommend my blog to your readers.
    I have shared on Facebook and Twitter and followed you on Twitter.
    Despite being a blogger, I don’t have words to thank you enough for how good you made me feel.

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