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The freedoms promised Americans in our founding documents, precious thought they may be, are not available to large parts of our country-men. While the rich, well-to-do, affluent, well-educated, and members of the power classes can avail themselves of these guarantees, this is not the case for countless others.

For those who are members of minorities, poor, limited in skills and learning, lacking in wealth, and, worst of all, children, constitutional and legal benefits are well beyond their reach.

For example, the typical disciplinary proceeding in government-run (aka ‘public’) schools are much more like proceedings in the Star Chambers of medieval Britain than in the due process and equal protection of law laden atmosphere of modern American courtrooms.

Another example, even the highest shrine of American justice can find itself immersed in chaos, confusion, and controversy. In August, 2021, a poll revealed that 49% of the American public approved of the Court’s work; down from 58% in 2020 and the lowest rating in four years.