Salvation’s Meaning

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Chi Rho Greek Letters

How should one describe the greatest thing in the universe? For Christian believers, that must be the gift of salvation from and through Jesus Christ. Certainly, humanity has many blessings to enjoy, the others notwithstanding, salvation comes in at the top of the list. With salvation comes a special benefit, a wonderful joy from the Lord. This joy along with the knowledge of one’s salvation invigorates the soul and livens the spirit. Regardless of worldly triumph or failure, illness or euphoria, loss or gain, and any other issue or impact, the Christian is able to bask in a sweet knowledge that the worst worldly disaster is insignificant in comparison to the magnificence of spending eternity in Heaven with Jesus. No other, save the Lord, knows the true secrets of a person’s heart; for the unsaved, there are waves and floods of doubt, confusion, guilt, destitution, and likely every wicked thought imaginable;  but for the saved, there abounds happiness, promise, freedom, and most of all, joy.

The Joy, defined by salvation, bears calm, love, and peace; regardless of the bumps, bruises, and back-sets that are the stings in the lives of women and men. Salvation from the Almighty has no price, but it is priceless; no effort or work can gain it as such joy can only be given by God.

My thoughts and prayers are that everyone who may read these words will experience this unique and wonderful feeling: the Joy of Salvation.

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