SCOTUS Strikes on Major MLB Case

Long article here about the case of baseball and monopoly…

Federal Baseball Club vs. National League, 1922??

Baseball was not interstate commerce, thus, not subject to the Sherman Antitrust Act. Unanimous decision

Then in 1953, George Toolson, a member of the New York Yankees, sued claiming his contact violated antitrust law. In Toolson vs. New York Yankees, the Court ruled 7-2 denying his petition and affirming its 1922 position.

Twenty years later saw Curt Flood (a seven-time Gold Glove winner) sued, claiming a decision to trade him from the St Louis Cardinals to the Philadelphia Phillies was in violation of antitrust law be cause he wasn’t allowed to participate in the decision. This time (1972) the case was styled Flood vs. Kuhn, 407 U.S. 258, and was decided 5 to 3.Specifically, Flood sought an injunction to protect him from the reserve clause, which stopped his seeking a new team on his own for a year after his contract expired.

Text of decision… crazy introduction… reactions from observers… complete betrayal of the law by a court.