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photo of church cross with sky and clouds
Cross against sky

Our world is at a turning point. On the good side, we have accomplished much as a people and a nation. Sadly, we have lost track of where we came from. Many have no idea of what our culture, society and very human fabric are founded upon.

From here, we see a broad Christian population mostly unaware and unlearned in the broad tenants of their faith. The fundamentals of our faith rest on love, respect, commitments, and values. These things are unique and special. By and large, today's church is leaving the faith to connect with social issues. Such things as politics, economics, culture, and other subjects have little, if any, connections to the true core of faith and religion.

These extraneous interests have invaded the halls of the faith with marketing, theatrical, entertainment, electronic, and other secular influences. Simultaneously, those at the center of the faith have desperately reached out into the world; searching that arena to gather ideas and functions which they believe would strengthen the message. Unfortunately, things start to get sticky as secular influences intermingle with the faith's sacred tenants.

As a result, the faith has become fad-driven. To repeat, politically correct thinking can drag us into the outer realms where we honestly have no business. Surely, such excursions will make us just another worldly group.

It is long past time to take a look at ourselves, our churches, and our values. In the final analysis, we must do this if we are to either go back or move forward to a better, closer, relationship with God.

Need to Know Our Beliefs

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